Feb 28, 2010

Basically 30

It's true, Derek is 28.  I've been teasing Derek that he is basically 30. 
And what cake do we have every year for Derek's Birthday?  The SAME Cake we have every year!!
(Say this with a sinister Pinky and the Brain theme song and voice)

Hali asked Derek today how old he would be.  He replied "28".  Hali's response "You're basically 30!"
So you see.  Derek is really 30. 
We had Derek's high school buddies come, ya know, the usuals, Scott, Mike and Caleb.  They drank apple beer, some Brazilian pop, brats, and watched some movie.  I think this is what we do every year with his friends.  
OBTW, Derek's 10 year HS reunion is also coming up (which just adds to the oldness) and are currently looking for a prank wife for Scott to take to the reunion.  Know anyone up to the challenge?


  1. Happy Birthday, Derek!! Looks like you had fun! Enjoy being pretty much 30!

  2. Sooooo old. But yet, you still managed to have a wild party while the parents were out of town. Bravo, bravo. Happy bday, D.

  3. Happy Birfday! Just think Derek, 28 years ago you were dead! (Sorry, but I just had to write that for you!)

  4. Oh man...I am old. 30 isn't too bad and really, I just turned 31 but shhhh.. :) But happy birthday Derek! And that is funny you are looking for a prank wife. I wish I knew someone!