Feb 8, 2010


Mochi.  Or Rice Cakes.  My family makes these babies every New Years.  Thayne went on his Mission to Japan, so we took the Mochi maker to Denver.  (Southwest also has free baggage check...which I've never done in my entire life)  We boxed up the Mochi Maker and took it with us.  Which I'm sure looked very suspicious, especially since the picture on the box of the mochi maker looks like a bomb.  Needless to say, they opened and inspected it (with fear in their in hearts I'm sure).

Thayne also made some homemade Ong and Okonomiaki.  
(Cabbage pancakes with noodles and egg) Excellent Dish. 

Why did we go to Denver?
Southwest Airlines had $25 each way tickets.
 (Depending on the city).  We had to go somewhere and since the other Walker's live in Denver and it was in the $25 range we went!
We went hiking in Denver's own Red Rocks.  This is the walk up to the Amphitheater.  It's basically like in Tuacahn, St. George, but I'd daresay much cooler.  You'll see why.

The building was built into the side of the mountain.  The group that built this is called CCC Civilian Conservation Corps.  They also built Zion's and a lot of other parks. 
See how many seats there are?  They have concerts and also let people run.
It was a gorgeous view, except for all the people running, jumping, doing pushups, leg lifts and walking the stairs.  It was crazy.  And more and more and more people kept coming. 

They have all sorts of people come.  They have a full and complete list in their museum.  There is also a restaurant.  Santana, The Beatles, and all sorts of other popular people have played there. 
There was a loop trail that we walked around.  It actually was pretty warm too.  
The Boys. 
Sadly, we were not allowed to climb the rocks.  But the sign said otherwise.

See this cute picture?  We could literally chop it in two, zoom in on Corbin.  He's just grinning.  He thought he was pretty funny.
Cute family of 3.5
Cactus Derek Liked. 
This was the ramp to climb up to the Amphitheater. 
This cool sculpture was there...I'm not sure what it is.  Our guess was Aloe Vera, but what really comes to mind is the Kracken, from Pirates of the Caribbean...or claw man.

It was great fun!  And even more fun because it was a great deal!  Thanks for hosting us Walker's!
<3 you.


  1. Thanks for visiting us! We had a great time and now I have all the mochi I can eat! -- At least for a month or so. :-)

  2. It looks like fun! We should all hang out sometime!