Mar 21, 2010

InstaFriends and Hiking at Fernwood

Went Hiking this weekend.  It's about 5 minutes from the house and you can hike for miles.  There's some nice trails all along the bench. As you can tell, it was very sunny.

Meet our new neighbors and friends, The Crawhorn's.  They are from Indiana. 
We've become instant friends, the first time I talked to Susan I knew they were the right people for us.   They like the outdoors and even have a black Lab.  Susan is loud, I am loud.  Our husbands name is Derek.   Susan REALLY likes rocks (she's a geologist, notice they're bulging pockets and large rocks she is holding) Harmony likes rocks.  Not as much as Susan, but still.  When Derek (not to be confused with Susan's Derek) would go hiking I would always gather cool rocks and ask him to carry them for me.  I like to put them in my plants, while Susan has Large BINS of Rocks. 

Yup.  InstaFriends are always nice to Find. 

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