Apr 28, 2010

Magic Day 1 that is way overdue.

Hooray we finally made it to Dodger Stadium.  It was getting tough, we had to GPS and it took 1 hour to get to a building we could see.  By the end, I had fire in my eyes and was ready to jump out of the freaking car. 

Our First MLB Game and of course we bought tickets from some guy for a great deal.  
Did you know the Dodger's came from Brooklyn originally? Also, it's a good think Tom Walker had this coat in his trunk.  It ended up being a cold night.
They were celebrating Jackie Robinson Day.  So they had all sorts of famous people come and speak. It was pretty cool.  It's weird to think that the next generation won't have anybody cool like Jackie that was a first timer that changed history!

Steph and Hunter.  You can't tell, but Hunter really, really liked this.  We could tell. 
You'll have to click this to read the words.  But basically we paid $20 bucks for some seats, then we got upgraded for free to the boxes at the floor!
But, unfortunately, Baldy here ended up in most of our fabulous photos.
Steph is showing you here, that it is not always warm in California.  I actually had teased her that morning about bringing a winter coat.  I mean really, but really, she was the one warm, while I was freezing.  
So, while we were all freezing, of course they went into a 10th inning, Dodger's came back to win it.  Hallelujah.  This guy is feeling dejected.
It was pretty cool to see all the fans freak out, hugging drunks everywhere!

So Hollywood, not so fabulous in my book.  I was kind of disappointed...it was just dingy and gross.  
I actually felt like I needed to sanitize, and I don't care about dirt. 

Although, I did see this beauty.  
And Frank, oh Frank, I do feel better knowing I stepped in his shoes.

Derek had to get this photo.

Found Mickey in Hollywood, a good indication of great time to come!!!!!!!


  1. BOO YAH! That was a pretty fun day considering the letdown of Hollywood Blvd., the WORST GPS directions EVER and FREEZING cold weather! Good times for sure!

  2. You guys did some pretty fun stuff! Too bad it was cold there though!