Apr 28, 2010

Disneyland Actual Photos

Yes, we did purchase Mickey Shirts.  Hali picked up these beauties in the secret clearance section for Disneyland workers.  But mine had a super small neck, it you'll look closely, you'll see teeth/metal marks where I ripped the neck for more space. . .very trendy.  It's not even centered.

Soy excited.....I <3 Mickey

Space Mountain.  We got here pretty early, so we didn't have to wait long.  

Ha, it is a great ride.  I mean really. 

See who wears the pants in this family...

Yup, this is the best one we could get of him driving. 

Sigh, see the Matterhorn long off in the distance... it was shut down for seasonal maintenance.    (my eye is was)
Thayne and Corbin.  Corbin couldn't really see out of the car very well. 
Ugh, some kid ran off the road (at this track?) and so we all had to wait, there was quite a traffic jam and then we had to file out single file, with our friendly Disneyland helpers to guide us. 
can you spy Steph?
Swiss Family Robinson *Former
Ask any 12 year old.  Nobody know who they are anymore. 
Derek's crazy cheetah face, he actually looks like him. 
Yes, I found this duck.  Wasn't she a beauty?

Her man was pretty noble as well.  So majestic. 
Ahhhh.  This is the Safari Boat Trip.  Derek's favorite.  For some reason he really wanted me to take pictures of the fake animals....

Sword in the Stone.  Don't worry, we didn't get it. 
A True Disneylander!  I bought this sweatshirt at some Chinese Roadside shot for $15.  You know your mom has one too. 

Hali bought us the Mickey ears for our Birthdays, so we've been waiting to bring them out!  They even had blinky light.  The nephews loved them. 
The Storybook ride.  It was actually one of my favorites too look at, except for the lamo commenter, she could have tried to be excited about it!

What a ham!  He woke up all of a sudden. 

I hate this ride.  
I can still hear their eyelids clink shut. 
This was Corbin before we went in the ride.  I wonder if it scared him.  
Caleb started head bobbing and eventually zonked out. 
Ah Siblings. Always makes Disneyland better with Family.

Disneyland becomes a different place at night.  It was AWESOME!

I was having some fun with our camera.

We <3 Disneyland!


  1. i heart disneyland too... but i think you take the crazy fan cake with all those SWEET shirts :)

  2. Oh I'm jealous! It looks like you had a blast! I'm glad you were able to go! I love Disney! :) Love ya

  3. THAT'S RIGHT! I do wear the pants in the family! (Ok, probably not but we can pretend!)

  4. Fun fun fun! I keep telling Josh we need to go to Disneyland without kids! ;) I know that sounds cruel but they are going to Sea World this year