Jun 4, 2015

Island Park Cabin

This cabin was pretty cool. I couldn't even get a good picture of it...so you'll have to imagine.

One of the days it snowed there...luckily, I had packed the kids some snow clothes, but for some reason not for the husband and I. Aiko's awesome snow suit is actually brother's that I thrifted.  Good thing they are the same size. I know you are dying to recreate my outfit. I'll admit, I was super excited for this trip mainly so I could wear PLAID, and a button up shirt and my thrifted and vintage vest. I mean, it all came together perfectly.

Then of course, Auntie Hali has to go and decide to make a snowman. It's been years since I made one, so we went big. We were hoping to draw in some deer with our carrots, but never saw any. The snowman didn't even last a day. He was melted by the time we got home from fishing.

I'm not a huge fan of pine EVERYTHING.  But, it is okay in a cabin right?

The crew, minus brother...I'm not sure where he is.

If you know Auntie Hali, you know that she always has a few things in her car, including a hammock, fishing pole and swim suit. This crazy sister of mine is always going somewhere new.

Which, Aiko loves her Auntie Hali for her hammock.

On a whim, I decided to pack our hammock. Which, turned out to be awesome!  We hung up both hammocks inside when it was too cold and snowy outside. Brother slept like a baby the whole time.

I didn't go through and edit these videos, so I'm not sure what's even on them....

The loft area was a favorite. Especially after finding out that one can twist the logs. Brother thought he was so awesome.

Island park was beautiful. Thanks Mama for the fun!

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