Jun 29, 2008

Mike Molyneux Birthday Extravaganza

So this weekend we went up to Porcupine Reservoir for Mike's birthday. Sadly, we didn't get any pictures. But we went cliff jumping, Mike, Hannah, and Derek jumped off the really high spots, while I started and ended on the shorter ends. Kona was very worried about everyone there. About 50 other people were there and funny enough for another birthday party. Every time someone jumped Kona had to run down jump in the water and swim out to the person, she got really tired by the end with 50 people jumped all at once... It's a nice place, Hannah of course tipped over in the kayak and broke her fishing pole...and I swear I had a bunch of bites while I was trolling across the lake in the kayak. That's all folks!

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  1. OH MY! I just saw Harmony's dance video! The 7 reasons for loving the video say it all! You should probably never do that again! Anyway, Hunter and I were truly entertained!