Jun 11, 2008


BEHOLD!! Our Fishing crop!! So Hali and I went fishing to Echo and caught absolutely nothing for 4 hours.........Then we decided to go to the Ogden Fishing Farm. (to all the cousins, yes we should take the babies and go, such memories are there!!) Last time I went there I was 6. But basically they give you a bucket, some sticks with string and hook attached. You throw some bait on the water and here they come!! WE CAUGHT THE BIGGEST FISH! Yes, i know we are amazing fisherwomen. Hali caught a big fish but then the string came off the stick and so you could see this huge Fish with a yellow string trailing behind it in the water!! Derek didn't to go, but after seeing our amazing catch, he'll be sure to go next time!!! YEs!! We're going camping this weekend in the Uintah mountains with Caleb and Melinda...


  1. Sick...fish are disgusting. And I don't think the Fish Farm counts as real fishing...but taking the kids would be a blast!

  2. Oh gosh! Look at those fish! I hope you ate them and had a lot of fun playing with their fishy guts!