Nov 8, 2012

motherly advice . . . harmony style

this post may or may not relate to boobs, mainly, because i have some profound thoughts as being a newfound food source for my raptor baby here.  
(i swear she has teeth hidden in there somewhere)

my vast knowledge learnt in the past 2.5 weeks

engorgement is not mastitis (thank goodness, but that doesn't mean it's fun.)
babies can shoot their poop approximately four feet, horizontally that is.
it is possible to have to wash your sheets three days in a row.  why? because babies puke and pee and mama's...leak.
according to the doctor, we shouldn't take the baby out until april.  APRIL.  henceforth, i shall known as "hermit harmony"
carrying a baby carseat is near impossible, i just won't/can't do it.
my MOBY is our new best friend.
new mamas need lots of naps to avoid complete heart breaking emotional outbursts
not all bras are created equal, not even close.  but more to come on that later.
breastfeeding is tough at first, give your baby affectionate names like : vampiress, raptor baby, greedy little thing.  (she's sleeping at the current moment, so she's baby cakes right now)
avoid asking new mama's what they did for that day. . . because really, having a child attached to you for 8 hours a day is a full time job.
real men wear MOBY's

oh, just so you know. 
she is favorite.


  1. Dude I hated nursing. One of my least favorite things about being a mom. Everyone/s different though. Derek looks good in the moby. Lincoln wouldn't wear ours. Might have had something to do with the bright green color.....She's super cute. Love her

  2. Oh my goodness...she is seriously the cutest baby ever...and I have 4 of my own, just sayin'! Yeah, the adjustment time definitely is awkward and wonderful. Isn't it amazing how quickly they worm their way into your entire life?