Nov 20, 2012

welcome to the club

i feel like she is planning something here...which apparently she was, just biding her time, for just the right moment.

like taking a nap with her dad.  
apparently, baby does not like chinese food. 
(from Golden Jade on Harrison...i am a chinese food snob people.  it was pretty dang good.)
she puked out her entire guts

i was just commenting how excited i was to finally have one of those cute dad's-napping-with-the-baby-picture, then suddenly "help, puking everywhere!" (don't worry, it was in the husband's ever monotone voice, i added the "!")

husband continues lamenting while i'm laughing 
"i'm trying to save your couch!"

well apparently the puke an down both armpits and luckily he had a burp cloth on.
welcome to the club husband.
oh, and yes, that is Aiko's onesie hanging on the faucet...seems like there is ALWAYS something of hers drying somewhere in the house.  if it isn't one end it's the other

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  1. ah baby's sleeping with daddy's are my favorite pictures! Bennett is done spitting up and blowing out, however slobber is sometimes just as times