Jan 15, 2012

Skating, Old School

Cedar City just got a new addition. 

A Skate Rink.
In the words of our nephew Logan.
"What is a roller skate?"

I shouldn't feel this old. 
No one should have to explain a roller skate to anyone.
It just isn't right I tell you. 

As you can tell we were all a little wobbly.

Tyler's armpits were a little tired...it looks rough. 

Yes, I have miniature feet. And lack the necessary skills to roller skate well with them. 
I put on the skates, literally, 5 seconds later I was flat on my back. 

Gena was showing off her mad skills.
She turned!
It was amazing. 

Logan and I were doing well. 

and then we weren't. 

Conquering the laces is sometimes tough. 

Apparnetly, Gena and Steve spent quite a bit of time as kids at the roller rink...derek too.

We made some New Year's Hats.
Which were basically princess hats.

We celebrated New Years at 10. 

Sadly, we didn't even stay up to midnight.
by we, I mean I.
Derek woke me up at midnight to kiss me.
Then i slept. 

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