Jan 13, 2012

Life according to his iPhone

New Year. 
Same us!

Hannah, Derek and i went for dinner in Salt Lake to see Dad, and we found ourselves with a little time. Derek is not in these photos because *sigh* he was activated that iPhone for me. 

We went to the Gateway in Salt lake.  Anthropologie is probably one of my favorite stores, though, I've never purchased anything there.   I was trying to create a sophisticated look here. Probably failed. Yup. but i really liked this chair...if i were a welder, so help me.

Ummm, is this not the coolest thing in the world?  After closer inspection to this $89 beauty, I saw that someone had basically super glued the crystals on. Just something to think about later.  Because I have crystals...that I could super glue on a bracelet. I just need to find a cheaper bracelet.

Urban Outfitters.
One of my next shops to look and never purchase. Their clearance section is awesome and very messy.

Anthropologie sells the same owl I do on ETSY!
I'm going to have to try this out.

Gearing up for a great year with hopefully lots of changes!

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