Jan 23, 2013

i am not really a super competitive person

sure, i like to win but i also really don't mind losing

i have a sister who is very competitive.

the hannah

for instance. 
we were playing a game on the wii years ago and i so happened to have my name as ONE of the top ten scores

well...i come in the next day and not only is my name no longer on the list, but if you scrolled down Hannah's name was listed on ALL the top 25 spots!

she not only has to win...but she likes to annihilate you to make sure there was never any record EVER

maybe competive isn't the word.
she is slightly OCD... so maybe "perfectionist" is a good word



but anyways, tonight we were playing nerts/pounce and i was totally winning.hannah was totally convinced that I was in THE prime spot on the table.  so naturally we had to start moving around the table to make it "fair"

i don't like to gloat, but i totally DID.
i found myself doing little fist pumps all the time just to annoy her.

yes, yes, it's very mature.

but i won (by a lot) and now i feel complete.
someone had to teach the "slayer-of-all-hopes-and-dreams-in-your-heart-to-win" a lesson.

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