Jan 10, 2013

dear grams

i know, i know grams,
you were probably pointing that crooked finger all the way from heaven the whole time.
you know, making mochi is definitely an art that may or may not have been lost by yours truly.

for those of you non-asian people (which probably should include myself)  these two photos are good examples of how mochi should not look.


for many moons my family has pulled out the mochi maker (very asian i know) and every new year's day we made mochi.  this year we attempted it with derek's family.
usually, it's a whole family event, but somehow, carol, (somewhat) tom and i were left alone to create these beauties.  this is what happens when you don't work fast enough 
(don't worry extended family, i still love you.)

so grams, i do apologize, but remember, i am only half japanese.
i feel if i were a whole japanese, these would have turned out much different
did i mention that the husband's brother lives in japan?
his family is probably more asian than i'll ever get to be

*big sigh

yours truly,
harmony the half asian caucasian. 

too see successful mochi making.  view this post

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