Jan 25, 2013

generations at 3 months

so this story kind of applies but not really.
when in my teens, i was caught licking my dessert plate by none other than my mom. (we grew up with what i think would be considered STRICT table manners.  so this was a serious no-no.)
where did i learn this trick?  well from my grams.  after eating some ice cream, grams would lift the bowl to her face, stick out her tongue and lick.  just the other day my mom was eating some mochi and what did i find her doing?  LICKING the left over sauce.  then later i come upon her teaching aiko how to stick out her tongue.
my, my. how the tables have turned. 

baby girl in her fancy new jacket auntie steph bought her for christmas.  (i just noticed my CRAZY eyebrows. . .whoa.)


  1. As always she is super cute. You look great by the way!

  2. Harm I just love those little cheeks on that lady. She is adorable! Hope to see you soon!