Jan 14, 2013


i find my world changing
i mean, a baby surely changes everything
but i find that my loads of laundry have been infiltrated by...


don't get me wrong, i like pink every once in a great while, but in the world of baby girls, i feel like the pink ruffles and pink fluff is EVERYWHERE. 

it's not that i wish she is a boy or anything

but this... this...
is unacceptable.
i find my sweet little girl playing kissy face with the pink ballerina!

i may have brought this upon myself. 
see, the little raptor doesn't like binkies.  
i've tried all sorts and she promptly spits them out
being her mother, i know she is saying 

"fool, don't give me the fake stuff. i know where the goods are."

1 comment:

  1. That's so funny...it's exactly the same thing I said when we had our daughter, and of course she was has tons of pink stuff. I also said no baby blue when we had our son...and that one did stick! Baby blue is yuck!