Nov 19, 2007


Recently, Derek and I have decided to move to the Salt Lake Area. Last Tuesday we put in our 4 weeks and now we will be moving up north on December 15, with or without a job. It's kind of exciting to pick up and move. Derek has been interviewing with Franklin Covey, which we hear from tomorrow. I will begin the job searching once we have found out where Derek is going to be working. We will miss our little town though, it's been fun, but after 2 long years of discussing moving we will do it. It's scary for Derek, he's never lived anywhere else, I on the other hand am extremely excited and ready for the change. We'll miss our family and friends. But wish us luck to our little adventure!!


  1. It's about time you move back up to the cool crisp air!!!

  2. Yes, it will be awesome. I believe I shall still be coming down this weekend. Whether you or around or not. Me and Kona can entertain ourselves.