Oct 2, 2007


We went on a vacation to go see Dad in Seattle. We saw all sorts of cool things. We went to the Space Needle aka the Spindle, Chinatown, Pikes Market, a suspension bridge that had bridges all through these trees, it was like Swiss Family Robinson. Sometimes we were 40 ft in the air, walking from tree to tree. It was way cool. We also went to this place called the Underground. There is a city underneath Seattle that was the original about 30 feet underneath the existing road!! It is crazy. Back in the day, they had the road up 30' and there were shops that you had to get to by ladder all the way down, plus drunk people would die because they fell in the deep sides or barrels would come and smash people too. We also went to a really big waterfall with a large name also that I don't know. Seattle really is a pretty place, boysenberry's grew like weeds, you could pick them from anywhere. We had fun with dad!

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