Aug 25, 2011

On the road again. So we've been to Lava Hot Springs, Jackson Hole, now...

Grand Tetons.  No, the the picture above, that's the "on the road again" photo.

Derek took some lovely pictures. I think this is Jenny Lake. 

They were beautiful.

Can you see both of them?  
We actually saw a bear and cub!

We didn't see a single deer mind you, but bears, yes we did. 

And we found a moose. 
We usually have to stop at the Visitor Centers everywhere we go.
My mom did it and so will I. 
I get a new Christmas ornament every new place.
So then, I don't buy, as my Derek puts it "Junk."

So we both win.  
You see, this is what you learn when you have been married 6 years.


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