Aug 13, 2011

Seamtress with stress on the seam

Steph and I usually have to go to DownEast Outfitters in Cedar.
It's crazy, I know, why shop in a little town?
I dunno, perhaps because they have awesome deals and killer finds. 

But this time, there were some cute, too expensive tanks.
I kept telling Steph, we can do this. 
so we did. 
Tanks $4.00 
Material...I don't know, Grammy passed it to me. that DownEast Outfitters.


  1. BOO YAH! Harmony, you are the queen of all things crafty! Thanks for not mentioning the fact that for my 2 minutes trying to be seamstress, I sewed the back to the front! Quite the cute creations! Good work!