Jun 27, 2013

cedar rapids, iowa

while in iowa, we spent a TON of time driving.  if you haven't been to iowa, just think about corn and soy beans EVERYWHERE!  but luckily, we had great end destinations.  like the main street in cedar rapids. 

it was wonderfully cute.  if miss wonderful vintage was local....sigh, if only!  they had all these amazing vintage dresses at such a good deal too. 

this furniture!  UGH, it was even well priced.  so far away!

i love yarn!

while we were in the cupcake shop a girl stopped me and asked if I was on a plane two days ago...i said yes.  apparently, she was on the same flight and sat in the row behind me!  i even remembered her because of her hot pink shorts.  such a small world, especially since i went to a town 120 miles away.

sometimes,  you just need a break from traveling.

we went to an antique shop in cedar rapids...and i am still thinking about this head.  i really have a thing for colored glass and this just screams me. i'm still debating about calling and having them just ship it. 

if any of you ever see this..buy it for me!

Dear Cedar Rapids.  You are amazing.  I wish you were closer.

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