Jun 24, 2013

that time i went hiking with some seriously in shape girls.

(i wasn't part of the in shape girls.)

My cousin Mari and her sister in law Amy decided to spend a couple days with us.  Luckily, both ladies love to thrift shop, it's always nice to go with some girls, so I can actually "shop."  The husband likes to walk in and out of the shops in 20 minutes or under.

Mari and Amy are both very active people, hiking, biking, running.  So we decided to take them out to the Great Salt Lake!  By we, I mean I, since my husband believed it was "too hot."

I forget how awesome Antelope Island, I'm always thinking about the horrendous smell and bugs surrounding it.  On our way to the trail we came across this guy.  He walked right across the road then decided to entertain us while rubbing his back on the sign. 

I can't find the name of the hike, but it was beautiful. It was either 3 miles or 5 miles one way.  But we hiked all the way to the top of the mountain.   Because of me, we spent a lot of time on the way up gazing at the beauty.  Apparently, not exercising during pregnancy nor after results in your body melting to pieces.  There were tons of wildflowers and a lovely breeze.  It's been a long time since I've hiked.  I miss it.  

My beloved Chacos decided to rub my feet raw in so many places...I hate thinking of myself as a tenderfoot.  I used to hike all through Zion without getting blisters.  Sigh.

While this picture isn't my most glorious moment (while cousin Mari looks lovely) I feel it reflects myself perfectly at that moment.  I haven't struggled this much on a hike ever.  On the way down it was a little easier, I actually jogged for a while, until my feet starting burning!  Amy (the yoga guru) let me wear her shoes at the end, because it was becoming unbearable. She walked bare foot, as my size 5.5 shoe wouldn't fit a child. 

I wish I had a picture of the beautiful Amy, it was fun getting to know her! Thanks for coming guys!  Next time, I won't be huffing and puffing.  Promise.

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