Jun 26, 2013

the historic park inn hotel of mason city

You'd never know it, but Frank Lloyd Wright designed his only hotel in Mason City, Iowa. 
They just spent 20 million renovating it.  Let's just say, the locals weren't that excited about their tax dollars being used that way.  Mason City isn't very big...

but we toured it anyway!

Apparently, my Great Grandpa used to live in one of these rooms (when they were used for apartments.)  They were only 10x10 rooms!

Auntie LaNaya was excited too!

These are the original doors.  Apparently, the slats that you see used to be the "Air Conditioning" system.  The air would just travel through the slats (which have since been covered.)

They were able to use the original stain glass, which was found in some guys attic.

Our tour guide said to check out the bathrooms, so I did.  All the tile was from the original build, there were some spots where it was just completely torn up, but it was part of the restoration process. 

You can see the Frank Lloyd Wright was a very linear architect.

The hotel is right next to the old Main Street, which is amazing!  I love the old buildings.

haha, i was trying to do a happy pose...but my face says otherwise

Across from the hotel is the Central Park.  They have a VA Memorial there.  Here you can see my Grandpa's Name, Gerald Hesley.

So, my dad was showing us how his Grandpa would stand in the park all day, smoking.  Who would have thought Mason City would have so much to look at?  Oh, it's also THE place where The Music Man was written and based on Mason City.  Yeah, it's pretty cool.

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