Sep 10, 2014

County Fair

We went to the County Fair!  I don't even remember when it was, but it's been sitting as a draft post forever.  I think this was the start of our whirlwind events.  Derek's dad came into town and instead of just sitting in the house we decided to go out and be part of the world!

I do love Fairs.  I love to walk around and see all the different booths, watching all the people and just being there.

Who doesn't love seeing all the different colors and textures of the world?

Like this guy above?  He's amazing.  He was also extremely large.

People watching. 

Cow watching.  (Did you even check the guy to the right?)

Seeing deadly sharks.  Like the Nurse sharks.  Which, I don't think they even have teeth.  They were the MAIN attraction and highlight. 


Of course, we had to go see the rodeo. 

 This baby girl loves her horses.  She would just stare at all the cowgirls.

I really though Aiko would love the petting zoo. 

Nope, we had to force her to touch any animal. 

The goat butts were pretty adorable.

Did you know that a Cebu was a real animal?  Here the husband and I thought that it was a figment of Larry the Cucumber's imagination.  How wrong we were.  See it here.

My favorite animal in the world?  Besides the rugged man you see before you, is the lovely donkey.  I'm still obsessed.  See them here

Hopefully Aiko and Orion will enjoy the petting zoo a little more next year!

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