Sep 9, 2014

Tea Party

A few weeks ago we stopped at the Treehouse Museum.  Aiko still loves it.  You'd think after going so many times we'd get bored.  But we never to do. 

We had a tea party in the British Section this time. Which, I'd never even seen or noticed before.  I'll admit, I probably had just as much fun as she did.  I love watching her play "pretend."

She would drink some tea and then smack her lips and say "Ahhhh."

Can they make this stove for my kitchen?

Little Brother and dad were watching from their mini recliner.  Little brother dressed up for tea.

Aiko loves animals.  LOVES them.  In the Germany section we found this little Playhouse.  Some of the other kids were putting on a play. 

Aiko and I decided to put on our own play.  It's a play about little animals that get smashed by a giant baby in red shoes.  The end.


Aiko embracing her inner-quarter-Asian self. Don't worry, Pikachu is in the Japanese section. 

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