Sep 19, 2014

Spring Harvest // Obviously a super late post

Gardening is a big part of my life.  Gram's used to have a beautiful garden. 

While we try our hardest...we can't keep up with it the way she did.  Oh, it still grows stuff, it's just not quite as pretty as hers was.  

This was from the late spring, when I used to actually go and weed and Auntie Mitsie had just tilled it.  Man, if only you could see it now.  We're just trying to hide all our goods with weeds.  ;)

It's kind of become a Sunday tradition to go out to the garden and pick and maybe pull some weeds after church.  I don't really consider it a chore.  It's more a tradition and something I love to do.  We're getting in crazy amounts of produce!  It's always nice to know you can grow something from a tiny seed (even if you don't weed like you should!)  More post to come about the bounty. 

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