Sep 3, 2014

On our way to Iowa

We've taken this drive quite a few times.  It's always long.  One forgets how long a drive it really is.  Sixteen hours from our house. We usually blast through all 16 hours in one shot, but this time, we took it a little slower (because babies make you do that.) and stopped at all the places we wanted. Let's face it, there really aren't THAT many places to stop anyway.

We stopped to see Abraham Lincoln. I feel this monument is noteworthy.

I mean, it's a really, really big head.

She's always stopping to smell the flowers.

The moon that night was AMAZING.  (I think it was the super moon or something?)  I was driving and suddenly realized that the giant rusty orb in the sky was the moon.  We were in the middle of somewhere and there weren't any mountains blocking the view.  We pulled over promptly to try and take a photo of it.  Sadly, this is the best photo we could it. 

Hannah, my mom, two babies and I decided to stop in this city.  I can't remember what it was, but they had a vegetarian restaurant.  Hannah said she didn't care where we guess who chose the place?

It'll probably be the last time she'll let me choose.  The food was pretty good.

My little butternut head. 

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