Sep 6, 2014

Roadside America

So, as usual, we got semi lost in Wyoming.  (I think it was Wyoming, maybe Colorado?)  Last time we drove to Iowa, we got lost trying to find gas and barely found it.  We had to call Roadside assistance on a pay phone because we didn't have cell service.  It was ridonkulous.  (Yes, that's spelled right.)

This time, somehow we missed our turn and of course, we were very close to running out of gas.  Again. 

We even had a GPS going and still, just don't know how we missed it, but we did, and ended up in Peetz.  Poor sweaty Aiko...carseats are like personal saunas.  Especially, when you add in the whole temperature from 6 teeth popping in. 

It was a lovely town, with super old gas pumps.  Luckily, they had been updated to take cards.  Sadly, there was no toilet.  Hali wasn't worried though, she walked right up to the lovely portable toilet pictured above.  (I forget that she lived in Russia and doesn't care anymore.) 

The sky was lovely and the heavens must of been opened.  Grandpa was saying "Let's go take pictures of trains!"

So I did, because I was feeling slightly sad and it was a beautiful day for cheering up. 

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