Sep 5, 2014

A lost Generation

This sign hung at my grandparent's home for as long as I can remember.  My grandpa was a train man through and through.  He traveled all over the U.S. chasing trains.  He was my last grandparent...I'm a little sad that that generation is now gone.  Who will now tell the stories of not having a car?  Or what it was like before cell phone?  Surely not my generation. 

I'm so glad little Aiko got to meet her grandpa before he died.  He was a feisty man.  Tough on the outside but very sweet on the inside.  He was also a VERY clean man, the water at his house would burn your fingers off, but that's the way he liked it.  Killed the germs he says. 

We laid him to rest next to grandma and uncle Dennis. 

Grandpa was a veteran.  He would tell you all sorts of stories from the Navy.  He traveled all over the world on a boat.  

My whole family was able to go.  We were able to meet and hang out with some of our cousins we hadn't seen in years.   Even though it was a sad occasion, all the siblings were able to come and pay their respects. 

Until we meet again Grandpa. 

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