Sep 18, 2014

Wandering Portland

Powell's Bookstore.

I've never been in such a large, eclectic bookstore in my life.  I'm also kicking myself for not purchasing some of the prints either.  They were a smoking deal! 

Floors and floors of books.  

Just a few other photos from our wanderings.

Oh, at one point, I actually said "I was ice cream." (This never happens, EVER.)  Then I realized I really didn't want ice cream, I really wanted a cupcake, which happened to be right next to Ben and Jerry's.  Yes, Yes, I know, we should have gone to a local place, but I was DANG hungry.

So I bought this ultra ridonkulous, delicious cupcake.  Poor brother was exhausted.  He spent much of his time in his Moby which I used every single day.  

Husband, please take a photo of me in this cool alley way, but let's face it, little brother's thighs are the highlight right?!

Like I said, exhausted. 

One of the highlights of Portland (it's even in tourist books.) is their Goodwill.  My oh my, it really is noteworthy.  If my kids weren't super tired and literally screaming, we would have spent hours there.   Super cheap, super new, super leather items everywhere!   There were things on the shelves that would just be scooped instantly in Utah.  Sigh, I'd go back, just to thrift. 

When I was paying, the check out lady asked me where my kids were...because they were the only ones screaming.  Luckily, the husband had taken them out earlier, where they just screamed the whole time in the car, until I got there.  Mama's touch. 

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