Sep 24, 2014

Portland Coast // Day 4 // Trees of Mystery // Mile Marker 304

These bad boys are in the little city of Klamath.  Which, we really liked, the city, not necessarily these crazy sculptures, but they are noteworthy. 

These large friends are at the Trees of Mystery.

I was debating if stopping at this ultra touristy place was worth it, then I saw that they had a sky ride, so that pretty much sealed the deal. 

Funny story about Babe here.  While I was in the bathroom, the husband said a little kid went up and was hugged Babe's goods! 

So the Trees of Mystery was pretty cool.  They had all sorts of trails and pathways you could take and you could use strollers! 

Love this little fuchsias.  I've been trying to keep mine alive at home!

This was an odd little spot.  Called the Cathedral Trees.  There was even Holy sounding music playing. 

I still can't get over how massive these trees are.  

Hmm, I'll have to find out where my SkyRide Photos are...

At the end of each day, these babes were plain tuckered out.  Luckily, they can sleep almost anywhere.  Well, little brother can, Aiko has to be in some kind of cage in order to go to sleep. 

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