Sep 6, 2014

Barnum and Bailey Circus

Back in September, we went to our first family circus!  The Barnum and Bailey Circus.  Man, I was pumped.  Literally, so EXCITED!  Our friends, the Johnson's were in town and we were all going.  I thought Aiko was just going to be besides herself with excitement.  (I totally forget that she is just barely two.)  I envisioned so many fantastical things that I was maybe slightly disappointed.  All I could think of was Disney's show, Dumbo and the big red tent. 

You guys, there was no big red tent. 

I should have known, I mean, we were in the Delta center.
I was really worried about Little Brother's ear drums though.  It was so loud! I didn't even think about bringing some headphones for the little guy.  He took it like a champ. 

While there wasn't the big red tent, it was pretty cool still. 
The elephants were amazing.

The big cats were super cool, and slightly intense.  One of them was being unruly and it was quite the nail biter.  I mean, the lion looked ticked.  Then, I started feeling bad for the big cats and then I just couldn't enjoy it as much. 

We really were watching super intensely.  Where was Aiko?  Oh, just being passed through all 8 of us.  She couldn't/wouldn't sit still for 10 minutes.  It was exasperating.  (She's still just two, Harmony.)

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