Sep 15, 2014

I. Am. Chaos.

You guys.  Seriously, sometimes, I don't know how I even survive myself sometimes.  Let alone my poor husband living with me. 

 I really am chaos.  

This wasn't a typical day for me.  Well, maybe the mess was.  I decided one day to make a meal for the neighbor, because I was already freezing peaches and making a fresh peach pie for the husband, so naturally it led to that?  

Anyways.  I was making pie crusts, then the pie filling, then freezing the peaches for smoothies, then I decided that I needed to make some chili (bulgar - lentil, my favorite), oh, then I decided I needed to make some quinoa (which cooks wonderfully and so easily in a must have rice cooker) that needed to go on a salad, and of course, I need every drawer open, while cleaning dishes.

Suddenly, I realized that I didn't' have enough time for the chili to cook in the rice cooker and needed to put it on the stove to cook instead. I also had to pull out all my ingredients and ya know.  I honestly took a minute to step back and laugh at myself.


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