Sep 30, 2014

Portland Coast // Day 2 // Lighthouse // Mile 141.9

After our hike, we got in the car and started back for the highway, I was just settling in when the husband turned to me and said "What's next?" 

I was kind of blown away.  

What's next?  This is usually where we would go home take naps.  We just somewhat survived a hike (see here and here) with babies and I had for a slight moment forgotten that we were driving the Pacific Coast Highway all through the state of Oregon into California.  We still had so much to see.  After my moment of shock, I pulled out my new favorite magazine and read on. One of next stops was the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.  

Since both babies were still soundly sleeping, we took turns getting out of the car.   I headed up to the lighthouse for a quick tour, while the husband sat outside next to the car. 

The views, were to say the least, spectacular.  

What's this blue water you say?  Well, here my friends, was a whale.  That's right.  We saw quite a few actually.

Do you guys ever feel ever so awkward in photos.  Like what are you suppose to do with your arms...legs?  Hair?!

Doesn't this look like something right out a Pinterest picture?  Funny how styles come and go. 

Apparently, the PCH is known for their bridges.  Which, they were absolutely beautiful, but recently I saw this and wished I had researched the bridges themselves before going.  

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