May 30, 2014

Babies shouldn't change your lifestyle, they should fit in yours.

Or something along those lines.  I heard that once.  The husband and I were talking about how we used to do all this crazy stuff.  Camping, Kayaking, going on random trips, hitting 200,000 miles on our car, decorated our giant, fallen blue spruce tree with lights, explored old mine sites for rocks, swim in gross ponds by our old house, dressing up as polygamists, taking pictures of asses, playing soccer together.  I mean, I haven't been to Ishpaming in a while. . .

Ya, we used to be CRAZY!

They say that babies shouldn't change your lifestyle, but it is kind of a life changing event.  I blame the fact that we haven't been doing our "usual" is because, well, I have been pregnant for 18 months out of the last 29 months.  7 months out of that nursing (Hoping to add 18 months to that stat.) 19 hours of that time was spent in labor.  Just this week I have caught poop (not mine mind you.) in my hand 3 times. I mean, having babies kind of rocks your world. 


Now, after thinking about those lovely stats, I realize, that it's okay that we haven't been doing all the cool stuff we used too.  Babies are worth it.

Instead of camping out in the great forests, we now spend a lot more time in the backyard.

(Hali and her ever-never-ending awkwardness.)

It's almost the same. The Kona is still there, trying to steal the food. It's just now there is this miniature table to make things easier for her.

Plus a tiny person who feeds The Kona all the time.

Yeah, babies kind of rock.  

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