May 2, 2014

Family time


While I was napping (because I had just birthed a baby like 4 hours before) the family was sitting in the living room, eating and resting after quite an exciting day.  Little Aiko loves when her Uncle Jan comes to visit.  See how she lovingly gazes at him?  (Ignore the mess, like I just previously mentioned, birth happened.)


The family is hanging out in the same room, whilst looking at iphones.  You know that half asleep/awake napping?  Well, I was half asleep/awake listening to laughter, the loudest coming from the little girl of mine.  This is why. 

The photos were taken from a video...but you get the point.  Aiko would stand there while her favorite Uncle would throw a ball at her head.  After, she would pick up the ball, waddle over to him, run back to grandma, brace herself and let it happen all over again.


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