May 8, 2014

Some photos from his first few weeks of life.

Has it only been 3 weeks?  
Funny how the second time around things seem a little easier, in some ways.  

I think I have a picture of Aiko like this too.  I can't help myself, it seems so much interesting to take photos of them when they are doing weird things, rather than...just sleeping or something. 

When this kid is awake...he is AWAKE.  He's got these giant eyes that don't blink.  EVER.  He's been very alert from day one. 

He could be a redhead people.  Every so often we get photos like this and glimpses of some very auburn looking hair.  Also, I think his eyes may be blue.  The husband and I debate about our genetics all the time.  Somehow, all the recessive genes are winning in the extended family.  Asians having blonde/strawberry blonde blue-eyed babies.  Blue eyes when the brown should be dominating.  Craziness people.  Crazy.  

Little Orion is baffled as well.

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  1. he is SO cute and i can't wait to meant him!