May 13, 2014

Dark helmet

I know, I know, it looks like she's holding on for dear life.  She really was having fun.


I don't really like this show...but she totally reminded me of Dark Helmet.  She's so little...with that giant helmet.  I mean, it was hilarious. Plus, she makes these weird throat noises all the time.  She may have to be Dark Helmet for Halloween or something.

 I never understood why kids named their favorite stuffed animals "dog," or "monkey."  I always felt they were very uncreative children, how wrong I was.  It's the parents.  Now, I understand.

Let's not forget him.

Yes, she really is this little, with this slightly large head. 

Even though the helmet left her slightly off balance, it actually made me feel better when she tripped.  Head protected right?

We actually didn't get to try out the trailer with a bike...we were missing one piece, the one vital piece that connects the trailer to the bike.  A slightly important piece.  Luckily, Amazon saved the day.  I plan on making this a regular thing this summer.

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