May 21, 2014


I feel that this accurately portrays my little raptor baby.  (Previous Raptor Post Here.)  She's kind of crazy as of late.  I put her amber necklace again to see if it helped with her teeth.  Yesterday, I noticed she had two teeth coming in on the bottom.  Later, she screamed, rolled around on the floor and was decidedly unruly.  

Next day, we go to the store.  She doesn't want to get in the cart.  I had my moby on so I thought well, she technically could still fit.  So I put my tiny 19 month old child in the wrap.  All is going well.

Until she gets bored and then starts scratching at my chest and neck with her claws.  She gets distracted by some kids so I pull her out to walk around.  She's kind of learned to run too.  Why, oh why do we play that game of "I'm gonna get you, in gonna catch you?"  Obviously, we teach them to run away.  Then she starts picking up bags of things, jabbering the whole way.  I take one item only to take another from her.  Finally, I'm done with this game, so I pick her up.  On our way to the check-out she rips down a display of glow in the dark stars.  They all fall to the floor, one breaks open, and now we have 30 stars that I somehow have to pick up...and pay for.

As I pick up the stars, all the while Aiko helping, I realize that we are going to have to purchase these stupid things.  Thinking they were a dollar I felt okay, until I looked at the display and found they were three bucks.  That's just irritating.  

Throwing the child back into the moby we head for the check out.  All the while she has taken to screaming and flailing.  
Check out was long, I only had five items.  And of course, I had to "wait for assistance" at the self check out.  I played it cool and calm, all the while staring down people watching my crazy-toothing-angry-raptor-like-toddler.  

I know, I know, this is just the beginning.  She's not even 2 years old yet, I'm sure there will be more and more fits to come.  In the mean time, we'll probably only go to the store when she isn't teething or when her dad is home.

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  1. I feel like that is one of the more stressful parts of being a mom- shopping with a toddler. I have yet to find a solution for store tantrums