May 15, 2014

Our First Baby Animal Days!

"Neiiighhh!  Yay!  Neiighhh!"
Aiko was so excited, she screamed animal noises as we were walking into the field. 

 Then, we put her on a horse. 
(Little Jayden was a little concerned as well.)

The biggest horse they had there.

You can barely see her lip pouting.

Then she screamed.


The entire ride.

So sad.


The whole horse thing left her a little grumpy. 

She wanted nothing to do with any of the animals. 

Jayden loved them all.  Maybe it was because her mom could tell she didn't want to ride the horse. 

Adorable Goat...I mean, Auntie Mitsie.

These poor guys didn't move the entire time we were there.  It had just rained, so they look extra sad. 

She was still upset.


Wouldn't even touch the adorable little bunny.  It literally just sat there the entire time. 

Aiko will have to take lessons from Jayden.

They had a sheep sheering show.  It was kind of weird, I felt that it would be a little traumatic for the kids.  Also, this guy explained that the brisket is the breast of the sheep.  I'm a little traumatized from that little nugget of knowledge.   Check out the "Position of Submission."

Yeah, it's weird baby. 

Proof for little brother that he was there too.  See his arms sticking out? 

Aiko finally started waking up from her little horse coma. 

She really liked watching the piglets. 

Which they were adorable.  They would run around like little puppies, playing and frolicking around.  Wagging those cute little tails.   

Mmmm, highly fried potato goodness.


It ended up being a lovely day. 

So glad Bree and Jayden could come with us!  Until next year Animal Days. 

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