Nov 9, 2010

Quarter Life Crisis

Part ONE

Don't get me wrong
 I will embrace it
 <3 it.. . I think.
Why now you ask?
So, after three knee surgeries
one starts to think it's time to give up a certain love. . . 

Harm: So what does this mean for say a sport like soccer?
Dr.: Well, I'm not going to tell you you can't play, that is up to you, but I would probably strongly suggest Not.
Curse you Dr. Reason

You know how people are suppose to have passions?
Soccer is mine, and crocheting.
It's not just a hobby, I mean really.
In High School, I had a license plate all picked out.
Yup. 11 is my number.
I know that screams eternal love.

So what I am asking you, what are your passions?  
I need (with strong sighs) a new sport.
Can i borrow yours?


  1. Hello BIKING! GO BUY ONE! It's way cheaper than surgery!

  2. Lap swimming. Derek is good at that, or you could take up running with us. Maybe that's just as bad though.

  3. I like ultimate frisbee.
    It's like soccer, there are leagues and everything. Still lots of running, but you don't have to worry about getting slide tackled.
    If you can't run though, it might be time for swimming. Do they have water polo leagues in SLC?