Nov 15, 2010

Mini Letters

I've seen many blogs doing this lately. It looks fun. So here goes.

Dear Sun,
I am feeling pale, please come out. 

Dear Hello Dolly Cast and Auntie Mitsie,
I <3 musicals. Thanks for a fabulous night with me grinning goofily. Such fun.

Dear Gnarly Hair,
Dang you for changing my mind when I woke up the next morning and you were all nice and curly, changing my mind once again.

Dear Susan,
Thanks for trimming said Gnarly Hair.

Dear Book Thief, 
Such a sad story, if only we could change history.

Dear Marshallese People,
Here's to hoping! Ü

Dear Husband,
Thanks for being my chauffeur and helping me put on my right sock this morning. My leg is longer than you think, even though I'm only 5'1.


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