Nov 11, 2010

Quart Life Crisis


really, there are only 2 parts.
Which is sad, because really, in the scheme of things, it's just a short time.
Yadi yadi yadi.

I feel that Part One Crisis stems to this because, 
Soccer Chicks (AKA HARMONY) have long hair
so you can wear it on the top of your head naturally

My hair is getting to the point or scraggly.
It's past the middle of my back.
I got a wavy perm and it has created this.

Meet Snarl.
No it's not me, but this really is what it looks like.
 I also cut my hair maybe once a year
You know what this means.

So I ask you 

Should I CHOP off the hair. 
It's either 11 inches or shorter,
 but long enough to wear a hat.
Like this.
Side note* the husband does not care if it is short or long. 


  1. I say chop it. I miss your old asymmetrical bob cut. The end.

    It is decided.

    OH! OH OH! Or get Zoey Daschenael hair:

  2. chop chop chop chop chop chop. I think grandma would say "cut that rats nest off"

  3. CUT IT OFF!!! so now that you have three votes to chopping... go and do it! come one, you are not the kind of person to be afraid to take a chance :) plus i bet you will look darling with short hair !!