Aug 13, 2014

Camping Cache Valley Part 2

On our way home from camping we decided to drive up the canyon a little more to do a short hike.  We just barely got a hiking baby carrier for Father's Day and I really wanted to try it out!  (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

Tony Grove did not disappoint us that day.  While I wished we had planned a little better, had we known, we could have had a lovely picnic just around the lake. 

We also got a new lens for our camera, which sadly, we didn't notice until it was too late, that it kind of made photos fuzzy for some reason.  So some of the pictures aren't quite as clear as I'd hoped.  

I'm not sure what happened with the camera, but doesn't this photo look super vintage?  

The husband was dying of heat, so I banished him over to the shade to help his attitude.

It was all fun and games until she decided to squat in the water. 

We decided to have ourselves a little family photo shot done.  I love that all of us hadn't showered in a couple days, Aiko's missing her pants, brother's bug eyed as ever and the Kona looks ginormous.  Ahh, family life.  You gotta love it. 

Then a girl shot, except for Aiko was done with pictures so we substituted brother instead. 

I have a thing for crazy trees.  This one had melded together and then had what looked like termites it it alive.  

The Hike was amazing!  It was just the right length, temperature, and luckily, we took water. 

If only we had brought the fishing poles. 

A family that wears chacos together....

I'd really like to come back to Tony Grove again.  There was another hike that was 10 miles and EVERYBODY seemed to be going on it.  Apparently, the wild flowers were just crazy in bloom.  Next time.  

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