Aug 5, 2014

9 years of us.

The only time I feel it's appropriate for me to get sappy is in August.  Why? 

 Well, it's been 9 years of marital bliss my friends.  There were many "firsts" since our last Anniversary and I feel they are worth blogging about once again.  Here are a few of my favorite.

Had our little Orion.

Went camping as a family for the first time EVER.  First time we let Aiko sleep in the same bed with us since she was a wee babe.  Won't be repeating that.

Got our first misdemeanors as a family.

Aiko became a big sister.

Little Brother rolling all over. 

Aiko rode a horse and hated every minute of it. 

Little Brother smiling and laughing.

Having two kids!

Going to parades as a family because that's what families do. 

Becoming a "gun family."

Becoming a family of five!  (including the Kona of course.) 

So my love, here's to us and many more happy memories to come.  Love you Boy. 

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