Aug 11, 2014

A forgotten meadow. A Yankee Meadow.

I know we've mentioned it numerous times, but we really miss the red mountains.  While in Cedar, we decided to go for a Sunday drive up the canyon.  

Most of these shots were taken while they aren't super clear, but really, who couldn't love these colors?

The drive up to Yankee Meadow goes from desert, the pines, to red, to blue.  

The clouds were exceptionally lovely that day too. 

By the time we got to the Reservoir, it was COLD!  Like 50 degrees cold and we were not prepared for the wind and mud.  We literally got out, took a few photos and then ran back in.  There were some campers nearby who started playing the harmonica by the fire.  It would have been fun to sit and listen.  Nonetheless, it was totally worth the whole drive, even if we were there less than 5 minutes.  

Thought you would like my test shot. 

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