Aug 6, 2014

Palmer Family Reunion in Holden. Part I

The husband has quite the pioneer heritage.  Mine, not so much.  While I was a little hesitant about spending a whole day in Holden Utah, (because Holden doesn't even have a gas's that small) I am quite happy to say that I enjoyed every bit of it.  We met up with the Palmer family to celebrate Grandma Palmer's would be 100th birthday.

We were given a tour of the Holden Cemetery by a distant uncle.  He was able to give a full background of all their descendents from Holden.

I found this tombstone particular lovely.  See the coloring and the way the stone has worn away?  I love rocks.

While I thought we would be dying in scorching heat, it really didn't feel like 95 degrees that day.


After the cemetery, all the families loaded up their cars for a tour of Holden.  We must have been quite the sight, 15 cars going down the road.  You would have thought the whole town must be having a parade or something. 


This is where Derek's grandma grew up.

Some of us were "watching" the sleeping babes in the car.

See how country town this is?  No sidewalks and real live cowboys!

The wheat fields were beautiful. 


Heading to the Ranch.

I didn't really get to hear much at the Ranch, as I was nursing little brother, next to a large meadow muffin. . . in true cowgirl style right?

Around the cabin were some metates (corn grinders).  Derek's family worked very closely with the local Native Americans.  One story I did hear, was that back in the day, the Native Americans would come and ask to borrow the rifles to hunt.  After they finished hunting they would return the guns and then leave a slab of meat as payment.  

It's a beautiful place.

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