Aug 2, 2014

Must hold and carry all things.

Auntie Hannah has this saying for Aiko, "Must hold and carry ALL things."

It's so true.  She has to have at least two of everything, or something for both hands. I feel her, it's hard to be unbalanced. 

I was picking some black caps the other day at Auntie Mitsie's house and needed something for Aiko to do.  See, these black caps are extremely vicious.  While the plants produce lovely and wonderful berries, the thorns will rip you to shreds.  We can't have this for little mullet-heads skin.

So I gave my little girl the job of picking up all the apples...rotten ones anyway.  I don't think she realized they were fruit.  Good thing too, otherwise I'm sure she would have eaten them. 

When she was done picking apples off the ground, she went to her favorite outside toy. 

"Chairs!" In her ever raspy getting higher by the moment voice. 

My aunties keep telling me how I never post about little brother, it's because he's such a chill baby, he just likes to sit and stare at bright things all day.  Although, he has been laughing and cooing lately!

The "Must hold and carry all things" gets kind of tough when you are so little.  Especially when you have two chairs that just won't cooperate.

Mama had to step in and save her, because obviously, she was in deep despair.  By the way, see her profile?  It's the exact same as her great grams.  All cheeks, no nose.  Although, grams didn't have a mullet. 

In the end, it all worked out well.  I'm glad we can make happy memories in the same place I grew up.

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