Aug 10, 2014

Frontier Homestead State Park

After our day in Holden, we decided to head down to Cedar City.  Tour of Utah was that weekend and so things were unusually busy!  We watched the bikers zoom by (unexpectantly) so I wasn't prepared with my camera.  Later on, we decided to head to Main Street to watch the finish only to miss them by seconds, so we flipped the car around and headed home.  I'm a little bummed.  
Next year. 

So, we decided to actually visit some of the local things I've never seen.  The husband has been to the Frontier Homestead many times, but I'd only driven by.  Some of his grandpa's artifacts are in the museum.

Only Cedar City would have a huge display of barb wire and then explain all the 150 uses for them. 

This is Derek's Grandpa's. 

See the Horseradish bottle next to the dark bottle?  It's a bad picture, but it had a slightly purple hue to it.  My grandpa used to work the railroads and picked up a bottle just like this and gave it to me.  See, I have this thing for colored glass, especially when it's lit. 

I also learned what makes an antique Ball jar or not.

Crazy toddler, can't ever get a picture of her being still anymore. 

The outside yard has tons to look at and do.  They have kids stations (which Aiko is too small for or care about.)  It was a beautiful day. 

"The Hunter House"

It used to be located by our first home we bought in Cedar City... then they moved it, across town.  It was quite a site to see. 

One of my favorite buildings was the Wool building.  It showed where they sheered, cleaned and bagged the wool.  I love wool.  The top right was all the natural dyes they used.

It just looks like an efficient building right?  Call me a nerd, but I love seeing productions and processes that are quick and efficient. 

Aiko thought she was quite funny going in and out of the Wagon. 

We'll be sure to come back!

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