Oct 30, 2013

We miss our red mountains.

Alas, we aren't quite as adventurous as we used to be.  We used to hike all the time.  Now, we are lucky if we make it around the block. 

So, we decided on our last trip to just go to Zion's.  Luckily, it's open again.  

I do love Kolob.  It's always so pretty. 

The Husband actually painted (his one of three painting ever) of Kolob.  

For some reason I always have preggo photos in stripes...not very flattering.  

We hiked probably the shortest hike in the world...Timber Creek.  It was a perfect hike for a dad who wouldn't wear the baby carrier.  He doesn't like to sweat.

Until next time Kolob.  Until next time. 

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